Frequently Asked Questions

What are herbal smoking blends?

Premium all natural herbs we’ve selected and mixed that are ideal for smoking. Crafted for pairing, however, you can also smoke them on their own if you’d like.


Is this safe to smoke?

Our blends are made of all natural organic and food grade herbs suitable for ingestion. Historically, these types of blends have been smoked for centuries. While smoking in general is not best for your overall health, our natural approach does not contain any harmful or addictive chemicals and preservatives.


Do the blends contain THC, CBD, nicotine, or any synthetics?

Nope! Our blends are 100% natural herbs. Check out our products page to see the list of ingredients used in each blend.


How would I use these blends?

These blends are best rolled in a herbal spliff. They also work well in a blunt, bong, pipe or vaped in a dry herb vapourizer.


What’s an herbal spliff?

This is the most common way our herbs are used. A traditional spliff is mixed with tobacco. We’ve replaced the tobacco with all natural herbs, introducing new flavourful and aromatic terpenes. An herbal spliff is perfect for when you want to moderate your session.


Will I get high smoking your herbs?

Not the powerful high that is associated with cannabis. The effects of smoking our herbs are subtle and enhance specific moods. Such as our Unwind blend inspires relaxation.


Do I need to grind the herbs?

We definitely recommend grinding the herbs together. If you don’t have a grinder available the herbs are pre-ground and can be easily mixed with your fingers.


How long do the herbs last?

Our herbal smoking blends have a very long shelf life, but we recommend using them within one year. To keep the herbs fresh store them in our sealed bag or another airtight container.  The herbs must also be stored in a cool & dark place.


Are the herbs organic?

All of the herbs we use in our blends are certified organic and sourced within Canada. 

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